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Quality Control Systems

The company has well equipped laboratory cum research development unit where chemical and physical analysis of the mineral carried out.Bulk density, retention /residue on required mesh size or micron size, specific gravity, oil absorption, loss on ignition, moisture contents, chemical contents, hardness, brightness, whiteness, particle size analysis are being analyzed by experienced chemists with highly sophisticated equipment. We are very strict in maintaining the quality as per customer requirements and their specifications. We have very good quality control systems and equipment used and supervised by experienced and qualified chemists and lab assistants. Our produced powder is to be tested on regular interval basis in a day.

We are having following equipment and apparatus to test the different chemical and physical specifications:
  • Particle Size Analyzer : To test particle size distribution of the powder.
  • Particle Size Analysis Ranging : From 1 micron to 100 microns or finer.
  • Reflectance Meter : To test whiteness & brightness of the powder.
  • Balance : To weigh the powder with accuracy.
  • Sieves : To test the fineness of powder from 100 mesh to 700 mesh sizes.
  • Oven : For burning and fusing of the powder and crude both up to 300.
  • Furnace : For burning &fusing of the powder and crude both up to 1200.
  • Hot Plate : To boil the solutions.
  • Vacuum Pump : For filtration of insoluble/soluble matter.
  • Volumetric Cylinders : To test the bulk density (B. D.) of the powder.
  • Burette : For filtration of powder solution to test Fe2O3, CaCO3 Al2O3 etc.
  • Pipette : For filtration of powder solutions to test the chemical analysis.
  • VM Flasks : To measure the powder solutions as per standards.
  • Other Apparatus : Platinum crucibles, silica crucibles, beakers, test tubes, flasks, etc. and so many other tools and apparatus required.
  • Chemicals : HCL, Sulphuric Acid, Nitric acid, Caustic, Ammonium, PDTA, KMNO4, K2CrO7, chloride , etc. and all other chemicals as per requirements.
The Following Tests Done in Our Laboratory:
  • Whiteness & Brightness of the powder.
  • Fineness of the powder from 100 mesh to 700 mesh with residue
  • Chemical Analysis of the powder to test : Cao, MgO, MgCO3, CaCO3, SiO2, Al2o3, Fe2O3, K2O, NA2O, TiO2, L.O.I etc.
  • Oil absorption and specific gravity
  • Plasticity and smoothness
  • Water soluble and insoluble
  • Acid soluble and insoluble
  • PH values of water and powder
  • Bulk density of powder
  • Sand and grits in the powder
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